How Tech Makes it Easier to Get Away for a Getaway

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photo credit: Mexacali Mama via photopin (license)

Save time, save money, save sanity for vacation with a little help from technology

By Jacquelyn Staggs

Work hard, play hard.

Or so they say.

Imagine taking a relaxing vacation, lying in a swaying hammock on a sandy beach in the sun, sipping out of a coconut…..or, hiking through the dense jungle chasing waterfalls and watching monkeys swing from branch to branch…..whichever’s more your passion.

How often can we drop work or put our lives on hold to pursue our favorite pastimes?

Not often enough, I say. Americans leave some 429 million paid vacation days behind every year. Yes, I said 429 MILLION. Many theories are conjured and studies conducted to find out why U.S. employees forgo so much vacation time and, you guessed it, the main reasons: Lack of time and budget constraints.

Let’s find ways to make time and save money so we can live a little!

We’ve earned it!

We’re a technology driven country, so let’s utilize the tech world to make it easier to get away occasionally.

How can we do this? Apps, apps, and more apps!

There’s an app for pretty much everything.

Some of the best out there are actually specific to traveling.

ForeverMap 2

Did you know your smartphone GPS can work worldwide? This can be a lifesaver in unfamiliar territory and only costs $2.99 to download.


An easy in-your-pocket and free travel guide!


This is an all-in-one app for flights, hotels, car rentals, and activities. Also, it tends to have the best pricing for those of us on a budget.

XE Currency

One of the biggest challenges for me when traveling to another country is figuring out the currency. This neat little app will do the conversion and all the hard work for you!

What a relief…

Google Translate

Another hurtle is when you don’t speak the same language as natives. There are 90 languages translated through this convenient app.

Google Voice

Need to check in with work while you’re away?

Ahem… this is vacation!

But, fair enough, sometimes a call now and then is necessary, especially if it’s to family. Now you can call them, or even text, for free.

Airline-Specific Apps

These are always handy for having your boarding pass (because where did you shove that little paper print-out that gets you on the plane again?), checking in (who has time for lines?), and getting updates on delays (…..which never happens, right?).

staggs image

So, no more excuses!

Take that time off you’ve earned, download some apps, and get on that plane already!

TL jackieJacquelyn Staggs, after traveling most of the country throughout her life, now resides in Charlotte, N.C. She relies on social media, her cellphone, and email to keep in contact with those she’s closest to, and the fascinating friends she’s come across during her escapades. Blogging is her passion, and she tries to not let life and lack of time detract from that.



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