#AtoZChallenge: F is for Fighting Writer’s Block

writers block
photo credit: WAIITIN via photopin (license)

Hate that feeling you get when you sit down at the keyboard – and can’t type? Here’s how to fix it.

By Victor Morneau

Writer’s block is when you lay on that backspace key and erase that sentence you just typed for the twentieth time. When you are so afraid to type a single word on an empty page: that’s writer’s block.

F image.jpgThere are many different things that can stymie progress when writing, including: lack of inspiration, physical illness and even distraction. I just had a mini episode of writer’s block while putting this all together because I misheard someone call a “welcome back mass” a “welcome black mass” and had to figure out exactly what that would entail at the Catholic university carrying it out.

Rest assured it is, indeed, a welcome back mass.

And, as far as writer’s block goes, you can also rest assured knowing that there are ways you can fight through it.

Ways You Can Break the Block

There are lots of things you can do to get around this barrier to your creative potential. These include physical activities to writing exercises. And, thanks to the Internet, it’s never been easier to fight your way through writer’s block.

1.) Read

As a writer, you should be reading all the time, anyway.

There’s a lot you can learn from the writers who have managed to get published. Even the bad ones. Reading is also a great way to get your mind off of the task at hand and return to it later with renewed interest.

There are lots of free books you can download on Kindle and there are also sites like Project Gutenberg with over 50,000 free ebooks.

2.) Freewrite

Just write for the heck of it. You can treat it like a journal entry or spend tons and tons of words talking about how much you hate having Writer’s Block.

I use a site called 750words.com to dump all of the disorganized ideas and thoughts I have on an upcoming story scene so that I can, later, approach the story proper with a clearer picture of what I’m trying to accomplish.

3.) Hanx Writer

A long time ago, actor Tom Hanks (who you might remember from Splash) decided he loved the typewriter and came out with Hanx Writer

It’s an app that simulates a typewriter including the pace, the sound and even the ability to be thoroughly on edge with every press of the key.

Just sitting down with this app and trying to fill a page without making a mistake, listening to the “TIK-TIK-TIK” of the keys can really get the juices flowing.

4.) Research an author

In the previous piece I wrote, I mentioned the innumerable amount of rejections Stephen King endured before he became what he is today. Learning about the early days of the literary legends can be very helpful.

Know what else is helpful?

Finding out how many of these writers struggle with writer’s block, as well. Charles M. Schulz suffered from it and even referred to it as a disease. Singer and songwriter Adele deals with it daily and even spoke to it a while back:

“Even though I’m given time to be on my own, the last thing I want to do is write a song.”

5.) Exercise

Just going for a brisk walk can help get your blood pumping along with all of those wonderful endorphins you need to get your mind off of that dreaded Block.

Those are just a few ideas and, thanks to the Internet, there are countless other ways, activities, sites, distractions and sources of inspiration you can call upon to fight through your Writer’s Block.

victor.jpgVictor Moreau is an ancient oneironaut clothed in the flesh of a mortal man. He enjoys reading sci-fi horror, collecting obscure indie comics and studying languages. When he is not working on his own short stories, he’s writing for Tech Life.



4 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge: F is for Fighting Writer’s Block

  1. Some super new ideas here, thanks. I like the sound of the typewriter app–hehe, see what I did there–and shall be checking out 750 words .com but in the main, for me, I’ve just got to stay planted on that seat and do it.


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